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Tired of your outdoor space being dusty in the summer and muddy in the winter?

We provide fully laid paving solutions that not only adds value to your home, but creates a space your friends and family will be able to enjoy all year round.

Bendigo Paving Plus is owned and operated by MG Bricklaying & Landscaping click here to go to our website

Paving is a versatile and important aspect of any garden landscape and when designed and installed by experienced professionals improves the value of your home while enhancing it's exterior lifestyle areas.

When you are looking to improve the exterior lifestyle areas of your home it is important to engage the services of an experienced qualified paving contractor, with landscaping expertise, to design the correct foundations for paving by designing and laying the correct base on which to lay the pavers or garden retaining walls.

The correct base/foundations ensures that the pavers and brick/block/link block retaining walls are secure and well drained and will be resistant to movement over time which could result in possible cracking and adversely affect the value of your property.

Bendigo Paving Plus are Bendigo's leading paver specialists and are professionals in paving services in Bendigo and Central Victoria, with over 25 years experience in bricklaying, laying new pavers and renovating existing paved areas around inground pools, alfresco areas and landscaped gardens.

Bendigo Paving Plus provide you with a professional service undertaking projects such as driveways, pool surrounds including pool coping, steps, patios, courtyards, paths and decorative features.

Advantages of Paving

Paving is attractive and there is now a huge choice of colours, styles and patterns for you to consider click here

Your choice in colour, type and pattern makes your paving unique to your home - adding value if completed professionally

If required, paving can be repaired easily

Laid in a concrete base (as offered by Bendigo Paving Plus) paving will ensure your paved area is resistant to unsightly weeds popping up through the joins.

Laid in a sand base (as offered by Bendigo Paving Plus) provides the ability to easily take up some, or all pavers, if access points are required with minimal damage to pavers


From Concept to Completion Bendigo Paving Plus have the necessary equipment and skills to complete your project professionally in Bendigo and Central Victoria.

In addition to our Paving Services we also provide:

Brick Edging

Brick Paving

Pool Surrounds

Pool Coping

Outdoor Tiles

Planter Boxes

Professional Retaining Walls-All Types including brick retaining walls, treated pine retaining walls, concrete block retaining walls, link block retaining walls

Professional Brickwork

IF you do not see it here please ask!


Being a member of a family of Bricklayers, Horticulturists and Landscapers, Paul has an extensive amount of knowledge which assists in Bendigo Paving Plus being able to meet our clients overall paving, bricklaying and landscaping needs within Bendigo and Central Victoria without the need to outsource to others. As a trade qualified Bricklayer and Paver with over 25 years of building industry experience you can feel confident that you have the right tradesman for your project.

Who will be completing your actual project?

When you contact Bendigo Paving Plus you are working with Paul from start to finish. Paul will be the tradesman completing your project so he is there for you to talk with during the whole process. Unlike others, we do not outsource or subcontract out your project, Paul takes too much pride in his work for that!